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click the pic of any of our team members for a flashback photo and to learn more about them and how they got into recruiting

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Ricky Beach, Branch Manager
rbeach@edgestaffing.com | 603.296.3080
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Zack Lisien, Technical Recruiter
zlisien@edgestaffing.com | 603.296.3083
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Matt Siciliano, Senior Recruiter
msiciliano@edgestaffing.com | 603.296.3081
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Fernando Osorio, Technical Recruiter
fosorio@edgestaffing.com | 603.296.3082
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Derek Carlson, Technical Recruiter
dcarlson@edgestaffing.com | 603.232.8453
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Nicole Oriani, Director of Operations
noriani@edgestaffing.com | 603.296.3090